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It appears that the U.S. Army plays brand new Lorees only, at least at Fort Meade:

The U.S. Army ACC MICC Fort Meade requires the following items, Exact Match Only, to the following:
LI 001, F. Loree Oboe – Grenadilla Wood AK Bore, Silver Plated Keys c + 3 full conservatory plateau system, 2, EA;
LI 002, F. Loree English Horn – Grenadilla Wood, silver plated keys – iR + 3 Full conservatory plateau system. Standard Model, 1, EA;

I read it here.

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Bassoon=Advanced Oboe 🙂

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This is a free reed instrument.

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Is there a theory about variability of wind players at Mozart’s disposal – & oboe is the ill wind that nobody blows good.

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But walking out on stage, alone, with over 100,000 notes to be played from memory in the right order, with the right finger, the correct touch and pedalling and all of the other infinite things that can affect a performance seems to bring about a level of anxiety akin to being caught with the murder weapon in hand, blood spatter on your shirt and the corpse’s dead finger frozen mid air and pointed right at you.
Luckily it’s got an awful lot better. The most heartening thing I’ve discovered is that it is not just me. Argerich turns white before going on stage and often vomits beforehand, Ringo Starr told me once (good name-drop huh?) that at every concert there is the inevitable 30 seconds before walking on stage where he simply wants to turn and run away, backstage professionals at the major concert halls tell me that, with the exception of Daniel Barenboim, most all of their performers turn a weird shade of green before walking on stage. So rather like herpes, even if they don’t admit it, a lot of people have it.


I have never been so nervous I’ve thrown up, but I’m also a “team player” and don’t do solos in front of the orchestra. I’ve done solos with a chamber orchestra, but that always feels much different for some reason … I’m never that nervous for those kinds of things.

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… I’m not talking Mozart. I’m not talkin’ Beethoven either. Well, not entirely, anyway. But this is Wolfgang Gartner, and this is his remix of Beethoven’s Fifth.

(I received this via a friend and colleague, whose daughter Lia sent it to her … thanks, Lia & Pam!)

He’s not the first to do something to Beethoven’s Fifth, as many of you know. And it may surprise some of you to hear that I honestly don’t mind folks having some fun with this or other classical works. What is really hysterical, though, are the comments you find below this video (many weren’t family friendly and couldn’t be put up here), including these:

“The intro is 100% Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Fifth Symphony, so Gartner just spiced it up. hence the name. Its more irony that they share the name, not a silly mix up”

“Beethoven would be pride”

“First time in my life I liked classical”

“enjoyable? is that what this abomination of classical music is called? im sorry im just not hearing it original? was better”

“The classical music didn’t get to me. Everyone has their own opinions. Don’t get me wrong though, I do like some classical music.”

“You’re all noobs… this is OBVIOUSLY by Wagner”