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… and get a load of the bass flutes!

(I’m guessing flutists know of this guy?)

Giulio Briccialdi (1818-1881)
Allegro marziale dal Quintetto a fiati in Re maggiore op. 124

Ensemble Musagète: Briccialdi Quintetto
Fabio Pupillo, flauto
Remo Peronato, oboe
Luigi Marasca, clarinetto
Enrico Barchetta, corno
Laura Costa, fagotto

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Jarrod Radnich on piano

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I had alot of funn this weekend playing in front of some wonderful people with wonderful musicians playing wonderful music…..but i dont want to see or hear a bass, drum set, saxophone, piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, oboe, basson, triangle, glockenspiel, finger cymbals, guitar, trombone, violin, recorder, kazoo, accordian, or tuba for atleast two days….

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Last month I spent three weeks with incredible young classical performers, conductors and composers who came to the National Arts Centre’s Summer Music Institute from across Canada and around the world to learn from me and a world-class, international faculty. And you know what? Before they even set foot in my office, these kids already knew every single thing I’ve ever done.

How, you might ask?

One word. YouTube.

“Why are you doing that on the downbow?” I said in a lesson with a young violinist.

“Because you did it on the downbow with the Berlin Philharmonic in 1982,” she replied.

-Pinchas Zukerman


I find YouTube to be a treasure trove. It’s so full of amazing things! When a student is learning a work I often suggest he or she check out YouTube to see if there’s a few samples of the work there. (Checking out more than one is a good idea, so one doesn’t hear only one interpretation.) But of course it can also cause a few problems; if you see some oboe players there you can see some that play with their oboes held up like a trumpet. You see some swallow the reeds. It works for some. It doesn’t work for others. So I’m hopeful that students of mine understand that I’m teaching them what I believe to be the best way to play with our particular reeds, their particular embouchure (yes, I let some take in more reed than others) and the kind of sound we are attempting to produce.

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So much oboe in harry potter<3

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I won’t see the final movie for a while yet, as I’m not one to bother with long lines and lots of noise … but for those of you who are getting in the mood … here you go. Just a way to get you started: