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… We hope that the San Francisco Opera, under David Gockley’s leadership, can work effectively with its union partners during the current contract negotiations so that it can continue to provide world-class opera for its patrons without sacrificing the livelihoods of its many artists.

Kosman wrote in a recent review of the S.F. Opera’s current “Ring” cycle, “The Opera Orchestra has undertaken feats of musical heroism night after night.” These performances have proven the Opera’s artistic vision, and our musicians’ ability to see that vision fulfilled. We hope that Mr. Gockley’s commitment to this standard remains unchanged – San Francisco deserves nothing less.

David Schoenbrun, president,
American Federation of Musicians Local 6


I tend to call the San Francisco Opera Orchestra my “favorite orchestra”. They really proved this to be true during the Ring Cycle I attended. They were absolutely fabulous. Knowing they are having to go through negotiations I just want to wish them well. These days unions are being attacked much of the time. Believe me, if you went to a group of pick up musicians you just would not have what you have with that incredible orchestra.

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Just played an oboe a little bit. I had forgotten how much i loved playing it.

Researchers at San Francisco General Hospital recently published a study that found patients on mechanical ventilation required lower doses of sedatives when they listened to classical music, according to an Anesthesiology News report.

The researchers conducted the pilot study in five patients undergoing ventilation in the ICU after general surgery or trauma. The researchers recorded patient vital signs and the level of sedation and analgesia the patients received for an hour. Each patient then listened to classical music for two hours, while the researchers gradually reduced the dose of sedation.

By the end of the two-hour period, the patients needed approximately 33 percent less sedation than they had prior to the classical music. According to the report, the effect of the music treatment persisted for at least an hour after the experiment ended.

I read it here.

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Orphans’ Benefit – 1934

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My oboe is fixed! Gotta love that music repair guy!