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I never felt I belonged in the acting business.

It’s so funny to read his quote because, just so you know, I’m not really an oboist. I’m really an actor. Trouble is, I don’t have the money to pay someone to let me do a movie. Rats rats rats!

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I didn’t even know the two knew each other (I’m horrible about 20th century composers, I’m sorry to say), so I was surprised to find this video. At the end you hear Schoenberg talk about Gershwin just the day after Gershwin’s death.

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I just signed an oboe out from my unit. I decided I need to load up on fire wood.

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Ha!ha! She’s more of an ethnomusicologist it’s again about starting from byzantine music and making something new…think oboe

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Mickey Steps Out – 1931

(Seeing Mickey shaving reminds me of my very first reed knife … we just went to a barber shop and asked if they had any old razors there that they were giving away. We then bought a handle somewhere — I can’t remember where — and made a very handy reed knife. Does anyone do that any more?)