Singing is good for us. Really. We sang together as a family when I was growing up … songs in the car were great fun (and yes, we harmonized!). I sang with my best friend and her family in their car too. I don’t know that many families do that any more. Too bad. When our first son Brandon was born I made up a little ditty I sang to him as I rocked him. “Mommy loves Brandon, yes she does. Mommy loves Brandon just because. Mommy loves Brandon, yes it’s true, and she hopes he’ll love her too.” I sang that to each child (inserting the correct name, of course) when they were babies. They don’t remember, I’m sure, but I do.

We sang in elementary school, too. We had music books and we sang from those. They included actually printed music … go figure! It was just expected that we would all learn a bit about reading music, I think. We sang at summer camp. I sang with my little friends. Heck, along with some neighborhood friends we acted out and sang a Winnie The Pooh story.

When i was a kid we had a “Hymn Sing” every so often (at least if I’m remembering correctly! Mom?) at church. (I know for sure that my Dad directed the congregational singing in Sunday evenings.) So just because I can, I will post some hymns sung by congregations or choirs as I find them and they appeal to me. No particular schedule (in other words, don’t count on them weekly in case I can’t find something for the week!), other than posting on Sunday. Some will be familiar, but some (like this one) is new to me. I just liked it because these days not all that many people sing parts at the church I attend.

So … ramble ramble … here’s your Sunday Hymn Sing for tonight. Have a seat in a pew and enjoy!

Here’s the info the YouTube video poster put up:

This is “Psalm 119X” from “The Book of Psalms for Singing” Psalter. This tune, “Russia, L.M.” was written by Daniel Reed in 1786. This was recorded at a congregational Hymn/Psalm Sing at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, LA. It is a robust and hearty round in a minor key. It is challenging and rewarding to sing and this is an impromptu singing of it by the congregation.

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There is a Balm, arr. René Clausen
The Concordia Choir

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The Lord’s Prayer
Dale (sorry, I don’t see his last name at the YouTube site)

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Pavel Chesnokov: Do Not Reject Me In My Old Age
Russian basso profondo Mikhail Kruglov; The Male Choir of St. Petersburg; Vadim Afanasiev, Conductor