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In the dreamy ball and minimalist pastoral scene Dutoit managed, paradoxically, to project restraint, before opening the floodgates in the boisterous March to the Scaffold and Witches’ Sabbath. In all the ups and downs he was abetted by warm strings, punchy brass and individual woodwinds (although I wonder if video closeups of the English horn soloist can be reconciled with what should be a faraway sound).

I read it here.

Couple ‘o things: 1) the “faraway” instrument is an oboe; the English hornist is on stage but 2) who really cares about what the video of this is showing even if the big screen focusses on the oboist? Does this matter, even when it will sound “faraway”? Btw, we are also supposed to be shepherds but notice we don’t dress as such. It’s about the music ….

Okay, this is just my opinion here. For what it’s worth.

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