Symphony Silicon Valley, with the help of Target, is doing free concerts this weekend and next. Do check out all the info here. I’m playing English horn and a very small bit of third oboe this first weekend. For the July 30 concert I play all of one work: Ravel’s Bolero. For the second I play a wee bit more, but if you don’t listen carefully you just might miss me. It’s a rather easy job for me, but I’m delighted to be back at work! Or play. Or work—play. You decide!

And hey, there’s free ice cream at the Sunday, July 31 concert. For you. Not for me. (I don’t eat ice cream and the put a reed in my mouth. Bad idea!)

I’ll bring a camera and try to snap a few photos. Stay tuned!


  1. Bill Somerall

    Do you get to do the d’amore part?

  2. Yes … AND no. I’m playing it, but on English horn. Guess they didn’t want to pay the second oboist doubling. 🙁