Listen closely tonight for the bassoon solo in Ravel’s “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra.” The New York Philharmonic performs this piece tonight for the Philharmonic’s closing night concert of its residency in Vail this summer.

Um … who cares about a bassoon solo when that second movement has the English horn solo. Right? I would suggest that the writer meant English horn, but he’s an oboist so I’m guessing that’s not the case!

I read the article here and it’s mostly about altitude and reeds. I have no problem with altitude and reeds where I live. I DO have a huge problem with my attitude and reeds, though. 🙂


  1. Since it was written by a double reed player, I imagine he did mean bassoon solo! Besides, you don’t have to listen CLOSELY to hear the EH solo (if you’re at all conscious), but if you blink you might miss the bassoon solo in the first movement (and since it reaches a high E, might be more illustrative of the reed problems they’re talking about).

    Just my bassoon-centric view! 🙂

  2. Oops, I missed the point of your comment (that you “would” say EH but written by an oboist, etc.). Sorry!

    And I have to agree, who cares about the bassoon solo when there’s that lovely EH solo?

  3. Heh … ALL I think the work is about is the EH solo, you know? I mean … is there even a PIANO in the thing?!

    But yes, I’m guessing he meant the tiny little insignificant mostly unheard bassoon solo. 😉

  4. That would kinda apply to all bassoon solos, I think…

  5. Oh I don’t think so. I’m sure there’s ONE out there that isn’t tiny. 😉