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Arundo Donax is a reed quintet from Indiana University. They won the bronze medal for the Senior Wind Division at the Fishoff Competition.


Rameau, La Poule

Musicians: Lindsay Flowers, oboe; J.J. Koh, clarinet; Zachary Shemon, saxophone; Ashley Booher, bass clarinet; and Dewayne Pinkney, bassoon.

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I have now updated my list of double reed instructors in the US. This is not to say it’s complete, but just that the links that were broken were fixed (so many schools have changed the URL of their page(s) and of course I’ve not kept up). In addition many new names were added as old names were removed. I still appreciate any help I can get with the page though; I’ll never keep up completely!

The next absolutely HUGE task would be updating all the double reed players in the orchestras around the world rosters**. Truth be told, I’m considering deleting those. I honestly don’t know that I can handle the upkeep. The task is truly overwhelming. Does anyone even look at those? I’m guessing not! So we’ll see … they may disappear instead.

Ah, I think I know what I’ll do about the orchestras of the world. Rather than list all the players’ names, which change so frequently, I’ll slowly go through and update links to the orchestra sites and roster pages, and delete the names entirely. I realize I’ll lose visitors who are searching on names, but at least it’s a quicker solution to this mess.

IF I hear from a ton of folks suggesting otherwise I’ll consider it, but if not, that’s the answer to this, I think!

Update #2
I’ve deleted the double reed players around the world for now. Miss it? Let me know, please.

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I need a pull up bar, an oboe and a garbage bag full of Xanax.

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Sadly CookiePine was hacked. They lost all their videos. Nothing below will work. Boo hoo.

Mean people suck.

It’s definitely time for a video from these two!

Kartiv2 and Trudbol together = CookiePine!


But let’s move on, shall we, and see their first collaboration as the group CookiePine, “Favorite Things”:

And who ARE these two? Have they met? Hmmm …

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Anyone in the vicinity? You might want to check out this article by Mona Seghatoleslami as well as the website for Oboes on the Ohio.

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wow a bass oboe – amazing!!! 😀 😀 😀 but why do the bassonists have those funny head read things?!? its not even all of them! :S

I’m guessing this person is talking about what I think of as a turban on the reed. dk? Thoughts?

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Also, everyone’s excited about a separate agreement between the national union organization and the opera organization (being replicated, per the union, around the country at symphonies and ballets as well) that provides better use of the opera’s high-definition media center. The agreement includes distribution facilitation.

Translation: They’ll be able to make more opera — new and archival, think of how cool that is — available via more recorded platforms. We hold out hope that this will mean more simulcast-at-the-ballpark-type events, because those are wicked fun.

… well, it makes me hopeful about DVDs of San Francisco Opera’s Ring.