…if there is one person you desperately want on board of a major opera company it’s a competent Music Director. Why? Because everyone else – and I mean the singers, the stage director, the impresarios, the backstage director, whomever – are all completely nuts. Anyone who has ever spent time in the opera world will (or should) readily admit that it’s a loony bin. All the crazies seem to gravitate towards opera, probably because of the sheer spectacle of it all. Outsized spectacle attract outsized egos. All those stories you’ve heard about opera stars or crazy goings-on backstage? They are ALL true.”

-Bill Eddins



And here is the article about New York City Opera bagging the music director position.


  1. now wait a minute! i NEVER claimed that conductors are never loony!!! quite the opposite. but at least it’s not lunacy by committee!!!

  2. Tee hee! I thought that might get your attention! 😉 (And do note, I will never say oboists aren’t loony either!)