I’ve been working on updating things on this site for a few weeks now, and I’m realizing that I was becoming overwhelmed by all the updates that were needed that I have neglected for the past three (at least) years. So I think it’s time for a change. I’m planning on deleting some of the pages I think are rarely visited. I have already taken down the orchestra roster lists I’ve had up for so long — according to the stats they weren’t viewed all that frequently, and I know they were all completely out of date. I haven’t updated my music and CD libraries for so long that I know I could never catch up now. I might leave them up, but you can bet they will be left “as is” and won’t be updated. (Who really needs to know what’s in my music libraries anyway, right?!)

Truth be told, there’s a part of me that has pondered putting oboeinsight to rest. Trouble is, I’m just not sure I’d be able to! Am I addicted to it? Oh probably! But I’ve also “met” (in a cyber fashion and even a few times in person) a lot of wonderful people here. I’d hate to lose that. I also think I learn a lot by doing this blog: I’m introduced to music and instruments I’ve never known. I do more listening than I might otherwise. And I hear a lot of fantastic musicians.

Maybe I’m just going through a bit of a BlogSlump™. I know I am in a slump in other ways. Stuff happens. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and say, “What was I thinking? I can’t let those pages go!” But I’m rather doubtful. Updating all the orchestra rosters would be quite the major task.

I do apologize if I am letting go of some pages you were particularly fond of. Please let me know if I’m removing something you think you can’t live without and I’ll give it some more thought.

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I wish I had an oboe 🙁

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Demetrios Karamintzas plays Bach oboe d’amore concerto (adagio)
Palestinian Baroque festival December 2010

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I accidentally spelled love, olve, at first and it corrected itself to oboe…. I OBOE YOU ALL

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The ballet’s website tells me the “2011-2012 Season Will Be Announced Soon” … but then I read this:

For the first time in decades, Ballet San Jose, a company known as much for its perseverance as for its innovative performances, is unlikely to stage a ballet this fall, and will probably begin its season with December’s traditional performances of “The Nutcracker.”
Typically by this time of year, the ballet company has announced its slate of performances for the coming season, which in years past has stretched from fall to spring.
But an announcement of the 2011-12 season has been delayed because of uncertainty about the company’s budget, Ballet San Jose Executive Director Stephanie Ziesel said this week. Like many arts organizations, Ballet San Jose has faced its share of budget problems over the years; it reported a deficit of nearly $1 million on its tax return for the fiscal year ending June 2010.
And in addition to questions about how much revenue the ballet will generate in the coming season, the company’s management still has not reached a contract agreement with the ballet dancers union. Against that backdrop, it’s unlikely that the curtain will rise on a Ballet San Jose performance this autumn.
“We would be putting ourselves in the position of rushing to the market,” Ziesel said, noting that the company did just that last year, announcing the season in August 2010 and staging “Giselle” in October. “We didn’t have ample runway to sell subscriptions and meet our subscription goal or our single-ticket sales goal for that first program.”
Following “The Nutcracker” in December, the company’s repertory season will likely run from February to April, she said, adding that she is hopeful the company will stage three ballets, as it did last season.