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… but nothing about war or lack thereof … (in case anyone gets the reference).

Speaking of that song, why is the next line to Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream, “I ever dreamt before”? That really doesn’t make sense!

And actually the dream was night before last, to be perfectly honest. Or maybe even morning before last, as I’m not sure exactly when I had the dream! But …

As always my house was not my house. Instead it was this place with lots of surprising rooms that one entered through twists and turns, but there were some very nice small little concert halls and I thought, “We really should have some concerts at our house sometime.” However at the moment I was having to deal with some unruly kids who where there.

But then things changed suddenly, as they do in dreams.

I was with a friend and colleague. She was very very ill and near death. She finally realized, though, that if she changed the ending to the piece she was playing on oboe (yes, PH — IF you even happen to read this, since I know you rarely do — it was you!) that she would be able to live. If not, she had about two hours left. The piece had to somehow modulate and end in a different key, but it wasn’t to be done in any sort of normal way. She played the piece, and ended on a G flat, as we knew that was the note it had to end on, but she didn’t modulate in a way that would save her life, so she asked if I could figure it out.

And I DID! ME, a person with very little talent when it comes to composition and theory.

Then I woke up.

I had the tune in my head, and I could probably have written it down. But I didn’t. Instead I quickly sent myself an email saying, “Don’t forget to tell P. the dream.” But I forgot that when I saw her yesterday. And I forgot the tune. I only remember the G flat.

Gotta love music dreams.


  1. Sounds like those dreams I used to get before calculus exams where the solution to problems were SO clear…. wake up: D’OH – forgot it!

  2. Do you ever get music dreams? I sure do. I really love them. One time I had a particular interval in my dream and it was EVER so important. I got up and wrote it down and of course it was meaningless in the morning!

    I continue to have music librarian nightmares at times (much more so than any reed nightmares actually!) and I’ve not been music librarian since where around 1989!

  3. G flat huh? Well no wonder I couldn’t do it.
    I was never good at modulation anyway.
    Thank heavens you were there!

    BTW, did I ever tell you my dream about playing for the audience of cows?

  4. Yeah, G flat! And it was so weird because I’m HORRIBLE about anything like modulation. But in my dreams I can fly, so there’s that.

    Yep, I love your cow dream!