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Go check out this blog entry by Eric Edberg. Yikes! Was this someone’s idea of a joke, or did they really label the piano keys that way?

Sort of scary to think about, you know?

In case you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Albrecht Mayer. I have this feeling he could play absolutely anything on oboe (or d’amore or English horn) and I’d be in heaven!

I just purchased the “Voices of Bach” recording. You might want to as well! (I got mine through iTunes, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere.)

If we believe that behind the universe there is a Creator who instills order, must we accept our destiny, whatever it brings? Does this make us believers or fatalists? They are fascinating questions, which in Western art find their closest expression in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

-Albrecht Mayer

(Quote found here.)

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Comedy or pathos? NY’s classical music radio station playing a Telemann piece tonight. Announcer with cloying, prissy voice goes on about “the flute being made of Wood! [insert astonished gasp] and the oboe [insert big pause] is an oboe d’amore, which you hardly hear in modern orchestras anymore.” It was like he just discovered period instruments this afternoon. Dude, where have you been these past 30 years?

Here they are again! CookiePine! Doing a cover of the Police hit “Every Breath You Take”

Well shoot, CookiePine has been hacked. 🙁 So here’s something else for you for now:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Lady Gaga tune done by Lady Gaga! I only know her via a cappella stuff and bassoonists! 🙂

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After a summer of less work than I’ve ever had, I’m happy to see the end of the summer tunnel! I never go on unemployment (I teach, after all, but I also know summer means less work and I plan accordingly … or try to!), but this was an especially bleak year. One job possibility was pulled of the table (with humble pie thrown in for good measure) and students who said they’d have lessons in the summer never contacted me at all. But that’s the musician’s life, and I still wouldn’t trade it for a secure 9 to 5 gig. Really.

Of course that doesn’t keep me from whining though, does it?!

BUT — drum roll please — I just updated my performance schedule and things are looking more promising. Idomeneo is just around the corner, and I’m going to get to play Michael Touchi’s work, Tango Barroco, again.

[Insert happy dance here.]

I do wonder about some students. When they say, “I’ll see you in the summer,” and then don’t even reply to emails I wonder if they are actually dropping oboe, or at least dropping me as their teacher. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough; school begins as early as August 16 for some. (Yikes! When I was that age we never began school here until after Labor Day.)

I do have two students today. One is at 10:00 AM and the other at 4:30 PM. An odd day, to be sure. In between I’m hoping to get some English horn reeds started. With Tango Barroco in October I want to be well prepared with reeds … or at least try to be well prepared.

What a COOL video! Several friends on Facebook put this up today. I’d never seen it before. Probably because it was just put up on YouTube yesterday. Nice!

Yep … 6 months (or even a shorter amount of time) and I knew oboe was “mine”.

No one in my family played oboe, though. My mom suggested I move from flute (which my sister played) to oboe when I was between 6th and 7th grade. I started oboe during music summer school. (Our school district actually had a music summer school every year on one of the high school campuses. How fantastic is that?!)

Joe Robinson’s knife technique is so much different than mine when he’s scraping the length of the reed. When he’s doing shorter scrapes it looks the same, but I’ve not seen someone take their thumb off the back of the blade before. Do you others do that?

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Well, my family commented that i played horrible music with myoboe. Haha. Isn’t that awesome? ..

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Especially people who leave comments on YouTube. This is why I only rarely put a direct link to YouTube. If a video can be put up here, that’s where it will go. I just prefer to have you listen to something I like or find interesting without having to even take a glance at the comments below the video, which is what you’ll find if you go to the YouTube site. Emily blogs about a few mean comments. I mean really … do people find some sort of joy in being so horrible?

And the final one: 1. “My teacher says you’re a hack.” … well … shame on that teacher. We are examples to our students. We should never call another musician a “hack”. We can say we don’t care for someone’s playing and explain why. But name calling? I would suggests teachers who do that might consider doing something else. I find it unprofessional. (But now I’m calling that unknown teacher unprofessional so … uh-oh … does that make me unprofessional?! Hmm.)

I refuse to write mean things. I refuse to say anything at all on YouTube unless it’s positive.

The other day I found a lot of videos by a rather young oboe player. They weren’t exceptional. They were just the sounds of your typical beginning oboist. I love the sound, only because that is the way we all start and I get a kick out of that raw squawking we make. Because the oboist was young and raw, though, I decided not to post it here. I am thinking that anyone who reads this blog wouldn’t be unkind, but I still worried. I also didn’t want the young player to think that I was making fun of him.

We were all beginners once.

And hey, Emily … I just say BOO HISS to those mean people. So there.