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A dear student of mine had her oboe stolen while on tour overseas. Can you imagine?! I sure can’t. (And let me remind all of you: insure those instruments!*)

She and I have been “oboe hunting” and I was able to get two from Mark Chudnow and she had a couple from RDG shipped to my house. Last night a friend and wonderful reed maker, DR. (!) Michael Adduci, came by to check them out with me. What FUN! I can tell you that the new Bulgheroni Musa is a very wonderful oboe! The used rosewood Loree we tried was fabulous too, and SO pretty! We had another AK Loree and a Loree Royal as well. So cool to try these instruments, and of course a part of me wanted each one. Then I played Mike’s Loree. WELL!!! I wanted to steal that immediately. He said he tried something like twelve oboes to find it.

But for now I’ll stick with my Marigaux oboes and my Rigoutat English horn.

But why oh why didn’t I take a picture with six oboes and an English horn in the house? Silly me! It was a lovely sight!

*Okay … about insurance. If you are a student, your instrument(s) might be covered by your parent’s homeowner’s insurance, but you should check. You should also record your serial numbers and have an appraisal by a reputable oboe dealer. If you can insure it for replacement value do it. If you are a student but going off to college you might need to double check that insurance! Some companies don’t insure for instruments in dorm rooms or in lockers on campus. It can be tricky. If you are a professional you probably already know you have to get special insurance, so you’re on your own. 🙂

Anne Midgett asks the question (and provides four answers from which to choose):

Should classical music critics comment on a female musician’s attire?
Yes, if it is distracting and inappropriate.
Yes, because pointing out that classical musicians are trendy and dress well can attract younger audiences.
No – the only thing that matters in a music review is the music.
No, because critics don’t typically comment about what men in classical music wear.


I don’t actually care for the question. I would rather ask “Should classical music critics comment on a musician’s attire?”

I’ve seen men who are distracting too. Mostly because they are wearing such ancients tuxes they are filthy and ragged looking. And as much as I would like to deny it, how we look does make a difference.

The performer in question was, of course, a woman. And yes, I found her dress a distraction too. I just kept fearing we were going to get to see more than we paid for. That’s distracting. When some women come out in dresses that are cut so low I’m waiting for a bit of a fallout (if you know what I mean), that’s distracting too. So if I’m a reviewer and something is taking my attention elsewhere in a very obvious way, I think it’s worth a mention.

That being said, it’s a tricky issue!

If a reviewer said, “John Doe came out in a ragged looking set of tails,” no one is going to cry sexism. If the same reviewer writes, “Jane Doe came out in a bright turquoise shorter than short dress that I feared was going to show us more than we want to see at a concert,” I am guessing cries of sexism will result.

I’m not sure how we should deal with that.

In some ways it reminds me of commercials these days, compared to those from some years back. It’s okay to show a stupid man doing stupid things but, generally speaking, no one dares show a woman acting stupid now. “Back in the day” (as kids who haven’t even lived long enough to say that!) say, women were the dumb ones. Unless it was about choosing laundry detergent … and even then there was a dumb one who chose wrong and smart one to get her on track.

Okay … just thinking writing out loud here. I don’t really have a decent answer. I’m just tossing things out. Because I can.

Over ‘n out.

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My oboe skills need some TLC. Real bad.

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A Spanish shawm

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8 am oboe lesson, woo