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By the age of 8, Sedaka was studying classical piano at The Juilliard School in Manhattan. On composing classical music as opposed to writing pop songs, Sedaka said, “You have much more creative freedom with classical music.”

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An improvised duet, by Cornell Kinderknecht (English horn / cor anglais) and Tom Prasada-Rao (octave violin). We put down our flutes and guitars and picked up our classical instruments and made something unique.

Recorded on January 28, 2011 in Richardson / Dallas, Texas USA.

Cornell Kinderknecht’s website: http://www.cornellk.com
Tom Prasada-Rao’s website: http://www.TomPrasadaRao.com

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In anticipation of the Ring Cycle San Francisco Opera started a blog. I just received news that they will continue with the blog, and they currently have an entry about the upcoming opera, Heart of a Soldier. The entry is written by the composer, Christopher Theofanidis. Check it out!

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[name here] gave up too early on that oboe career would rather be at the Symphony right now…maybe if I stare hard enough, my computer screen will turn into a conductor, my desk into a stage, my keyboard into an oboe…

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I’ve never worried about any snob-factor attached with listening to classical music. Sure there’s a lot of information to disseminate and decipher; there’s a near infinite set of recordings and pieces – but you get to opt in, you get to decide where you want to be on the scale. It’s really no different from any level of involvement in any other musical genre – or any other hobby for that matter. I came to realise, very early on, that any snob-factor was often projected on to classical enthusiasts by insecure neophytes.

-Simon Sweetman


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oboe never sounds purty unless you’re an oboegod