16. August 2011 · 5 comments · Categories: TQOD

Bags and bags of cane. Need a gouger now #oboe #nerd


  1. & $$$ to buy same ;-))



  2. Ah yes, there is that $$$ issue!

  3. Just curious. Where is the break even point after buying a gouger? Has anyone done the numbers? How many pieces of cane would you have to gouge to save on what pre-gouged cane costs.

    I am sure those who depend on cane for reeds for their profession would probably say that the control of the cane is more important than the savings.

  4. I haven’t a clue, Bill! But to many it’s more about having more control over as much as possible with reed making. Buying gouged cane means you are trusting someone else to have a consistent gouge.

    I will ‘fess up, though, and say I do not have a gouger. I just deal. I’m a bad reed maker, but I play well on bad reeds, so there you go! 🙂

  5. For Bill:

    The following website (OboeBB) gives a good assessment of the pros & cons re dyi gouging vs buying cane already gouged: