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dad: i heard you playing your oboe. it sounded good
me: dad, i was playing my flute…

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I’ve never gone gaga over Gaga. Maybe just because I haven’t taken the time to listen to her and I get distracted by schtick that one must have in the pop world (or so it seems). But I do enjoy so many of the renditions of her music done by others, either in the classical world or not … so if she writes this stuff, I think she does have some talent going on. (And I know at least one reader of oboeinsight who is sure she does!)

Check out this fugue of “Bad Romance” that Chris Foley brought to my attention:

But organists aren’t the only ones who have taken over “Bad Romance”:

And of course we all know about the bassoonists who think they are Lady G:

So … for those of you who are as unfamiliar with LG as I am, here she is doing a version of “Paparazzi” all by her little lonesome (again, with thanks to Chris!):

… and here she is before her transformation. Her name was a bit longer: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

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Splitting cane lets me take out all my frustrations while still be productive. #Oboe

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On Monday I drove to Napa to pick up my oboe. Mark, of course, did a beautiful job fixing the poor thing. It was so wonderful to play some notes on it again … verifying that I DO love the instrument!

While I was there I purchased some new English horn staples. Janet Archibald, the wonderful English hornist of San Francisco Opera, had told me about them a while ago, and I knew I’d want to buy some while I was up at Mark’s shop.

They are fabulous! There is a rubber O-ring inside the bottom of the staple, so it is securely on the bocal. I love ’em! He has them in bronze and gold. The part at the bottom unscrews and then you have the usual staple, which enables measuring as one always does when making the reeds. I now have 6 of the bronze ones and I look forward to using them quite soon. I really recommend checking out the “Chudnow – A English horn staples!