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Just for fun (and because I’m too tired to write anything) here are some more New York photos:

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i need an oboe (reasonably priced). please think about this! i know that i know someone who knows someone…

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Oh, I know, I know!!

Act II – Sunday, August 21, 7-10pm

CAST: Roseanne Ackerley, Sharin Apostolou, Ryan MacPherson, Kenneth Overton, Michael Weyandt, Cory Clines, Ryan Allen

HOSTS: Jennifer Peterson, Jonathon Field, Cori Ellison

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I wish I was as passionate about playing the oboe as I am about piano and photography. It would help me so much in school.

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Silly Symphony:Three Blind Mouseketeers (1936)

Do you suppose this is the first usge of “mouseketeers”?

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We are having a great time in New York. Aside from the little event I’m playing on Sunday it’s doubtful we’ll hit a concert or show, but only time will tell. I know people who come here and catch multiple Broadway shows. I’m amazed that they can do that, both due to the expense but also to the time … I think they must spend the entire trip inside theaters! There is so much to see here, and I love to walk (and walk and walk), as well as hop on a train and hit places that would take to long to get to on foot. We got caught in a real downpour last night, and that was rather exciting. (Dan’s jeans are still damp!) I’ve seen a variety of different styles of clothing. And shoes! Rainboots seem to be in fashion. (Who knew? Certainly not I!) And HOW do women wear those stiletto heels in this city?

And here are just a few glimpses of the city that never sleeps …

… so far I’ve not touched my oboe. I suppose I should at least figure out what reeds work here.

Or maybe not.

I’ll definitely find out when I play a bit ‘o Puccini!