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We are having a great time in New York. Aside from the little event I’m playing on Sunday it’s doubtful we’ll hit a concert or show, but only time will tell. I know people who come here and catch multiple Broadway shows. I’m amazed that they can do that, both due to the expense but also to the time … I think they must spend the entire trip inside theaters! There is so much to see here, and I love to walk (and walk and walk), as well as hop on a train and hit places that would take to long to get to on foot. We got caught in a real downpour last night, and that was rather exciting. (Dan’s jeans are still damp!) I’ve seen a variety of different styles of clothing. And shoes! Rainboots seem to be in fashion. (Who knew? Certainly not I!) And HOW do women wear those stiletto heels in this city?

And here are just a few glimpses of the city that never sleeps …

… so far I’ve not touched my oboe. I suppose I should at least figure out what reeds work here.

Or maybe not.

I’ll definitely find out when I play a bit ‘o Puccini!


  1. some more pics please…or should i direct this question to dan???

    ps…happy playing!!

  2. Now now, I’m only in theaters for about three hours each day (OK, six on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays), but that still leaves plenty of time to do other stuff!

    As a professional musician (union member, even), you qualify to join TDF. If you buy one ticket at member prices, the membership pays for itself. It’s not for advance planners – you check the website for same day tickets – but you can get Broadway tickets for $35. And depending on how well a show is selling, the seats can be quite good (sometimes not, of course). You won’t see the sell-out hits on TDF, obviously, but the last time I was in NYC I got two shows (in good orchestra seats) for $35 each, saving me a total of almost $200 off the face value. Even someone who doesn’t live in NYC, but makes regular trips, can really benefit from membership. Check ’em out at TDF.org.

  3. Yep yep, loving the pics!! Moooooore, please 😉

  4. I’ve never even heard of that, Mike! Thanks so much. I’ll save the info and all for next visit; clearly it can’t happen this time. But I AM amazed by how many shows you can manage to fit in, and now I see how you can save $$, too. (But really I can’t handle too many shows in one trip … my brain and ears … the get full quickly!)

    So when you are in New York, what else do you do? I’m curious, as you don’t write about that. Fill me in!

  5. I love just walking, and discovering new neighborhoods. I do the museums when I can, and some shopping. I like to wander in the park, if the weather is nice. Mostly it’s about exploring new areas, though, and seeing what I come across that looks interesting.

  6. Put more pictures up for you, Janet!

    It’s funny, Mike, but I have absolutely no interest in shopping when I’m here, unless it’s to buy clothes for Brandon or Lia. I love the museums, though my back can’t handle standing still for long.

    I do love exploring areas, and we have Brandon and Lia as guides to show us place. Today was spent in Brooklyn. Tomorrow it’s St. John the Divine and then the Cloisters, before I play the Bohème gig.

    The only theater I did think about attending was Master Class, but it’s not going to happen. Such is life.

    Some year we’ll come here when opera is happening. THAT I would not miss!

  7. Loving them (vicarious thrills and all 🙂 ) … thanks!

  8. I’m so glad you are enjoying them! 🙂