21. August 2011 · Comments Off on Sunday In New York · Categories: New York 2011

St. John the Divine was first on our list, and then we were to head to the Cloisters, but rain changed the plans and we wound up at MoMA instead. That’s okay … we’re flexible. After eating dinner with Brandon in our hotel room, we headed over to the Gershwin where I participated in Act II of Bohème. So here are just a few photos from the day:

I pledge allegiance to McDonalds of the United States of … oh … um … wait a minute!

I wish I’d caught the start of the chaos … people suddenly ran like crazy to get out of the rain. It looked like some catastrophe had struck!

And, finally, view from my seat at operamission, looking at the audience. (Sadly, I couldn’t see the singers at all.)

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