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… heck, will I make it to 90?!

Moore remembers hearing “Stars and Stripes Forever” for the first time when he was 7. He and his parents watched the Joliet band perform with 16 other high school bands from across the country during the National High School Band Contest in 1928 in Joliet. Sousa conducted the 2,000-piece ensemble that day.

Over the years, the song became a signature piece for the band.

“Every time I play that I tingle all over and tears come to my eyes,” said Moore, a retired insurance company owner who still plays oboe with the Joliet American Legion band.

Mr. Moore is 90 years old. And as you see, he still plays. I’m wondering if he has the reed making thing down pat now.


Sometimes I talk with other oboists and we ponder how long we’ll continue to play. I don’t want to keep performing if I should pack it up. I hope someone will force me to step away from the oboe before I make a fool of myself (Hmm. Might be too late!) I especially hope that I will know when to let it go on my own so no one has to have the uncomfortable task of saying, “Drop it. Now.” to me. But who knows if I’ll realize it, right?

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