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I just looked at my calendar. I’ve not had a day completely off since September 9. That day was free, but it was opening night of San Francisco Opera, so I still wasn’t entirely empty and it was a late night. I’m tired.

At the same time, I’m employed. So how dare I complain, right? I’m trying very hard to be grateful and not whiny. So far I’m not doing very well with that. Ah well. I was glad to talk to a violinist who had also done the run of Idomeneo (and she took a few nights off!) and she said she was still recovering as well. So maybe it’s not just my age. Maybe it’s just that all those late nights just hit some of us rather hard, despite the fact that we loved playing such a wonderful work.

Then again, maybe it is my age. Hmm?

Symphony opens its season tomorrow night. Here are a few photos from today’s final dress rehearsal. I don’t play the first work, so I was able to get up into the balcony for a short time.

I did it! Last night, I took my first oboe lesson in almost 40 years.

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BWV 106 “Actus Tragicus”
Ton Koopman

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I wish the ever growing number of guitar students would also consider the oboe, bassoon or french horn

Antoine Forqueray (1671 (?)-1745) — not a name I’d heard before — and I love finding these!
“La Couperin”
Petr Wagner, viola da gamba; Premysl Vacek – theorbo

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I found an Oboe and it’s really really really REALLY pretty!!!!!!

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… because I will never tire of Piazzolla and I love this work. I also happen to be a huge fan of cello, in case you haven’t figured that out!

Quartet Rastrelli:Kira Kraftzoff, Misha Degtjareff, Kirill Timofeev, Sergio Drabkine

If only oboe were a jazz instrument…

Does anyone have a crappy old oboe reed I could bum off them for flunkies???

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I love the explanation of this song, so I’ve posted it below. Dan was away a few weeks ago. I had no hiccups. I guess I wasn’t missed.

HICHEKI – song of ancient Rajasthani folk music tradition, played on a music session in Harwa village, Western Rajasthan in April 2011. Talim Khan (Vocals, Khartal), Nazir Khan (Vocals, Harmonium), Gulser Khan (Dholak), Hakim Khan (Kamaicha – bowed instrument) perform the song from the womens’ tradition.
Hicheki means ‘hiccup’. A woman sings to her husband who is out of country: as i am having a hiccup, my husband certainly misses me…