… but it’s a start, right?

Just a quick note before I have my first (!) meal of the day (yes, it’s nearly 1:00, but I don’t eat early or I get the shakes): the English horn feels like a small toy after playing the bass oboe

Somehow I think playing bass oboe before soloing on the English horn is going to be helpful; I practiced for about 20 minutes on the bass oboe, and then moved to Tango Barroco on English horn. The latter didn’t feel nearly as heavy as it does when I move the other direction, from oboe to English horn. Nice.


  1. Pinchas Zukerman, who used to (probably still does) give recitals in which he played both viola and violin, always did it in that order, viola first, then violin, and for precisely that reason. Much easier to go smaller than to go bigger.

  2. My thighs sure haven’t agreed with that, though. 🙁