… this one at the blog Not For Fun Only, by blogger “Axel Feldheim”, whom I’ve met on several occasions. We chatted this time, during the first intermission, as you can read:

The San Jose audience was quiet, attentive & appreciative throughout, & they responded with a standing ovation. I attended thanks to the Opera Tattler, & it was a pleasant surprise when we ran across the effervescent Out West Arts during the 1st intermission. We also chatted with Oboeinsight, taking her break without leaving the pit & clearly enjoying this gig. Interestingly, the production is double cast, with Idamante sung by a tenor instead of a mezzo in alternate performances. The cordial Opera San José sells fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the rear lobby, & the smell is irresistible.

(It’s true, I usually take my breaks staying in the pit. I don’t want to be tempted by the food in the green room, and I find that the noise there tires me more than sitting in the pit or chatting with a few audience members. Or maybe I’m just lazy. You choose.)



  1. Well I’m glad that you were taking your break in the pit, for whatever reason, otherwise we would not have had a chance to see you! It’s nice to break that fourth wall & interact with someone in the pit. It was a very satisfying performance.

  2. It’s always great to talk to you! (And it’s very nice of you and Opera Tattle to trek on down to our little company!)