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How fun is this? And hey … Mike is a great oboist (and great reed maker too!).

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The reviews are unanimous: Opera San José’s Idomeneo is a “must-see production”, so here’s an offer that will be hard to refuse:

This Saturday, September 17, at 8 p.m., grab your significant other, best friend or Mozart-lover and head on down to the California Theatre because for just $60, the two of you can enjoy this mythical tale set in Crete that critics are raving about. Tickets can be ordered on-line via tickets.com; use coupon code “Crete” when ordering. This offer is good for JUST this Saturday, and is restricted to Section 4, orchestra sides seats.

“this Saturday” is tomorrow, so you have to grab the deal quickly!

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Been practicing the oboe, its harder than i thought! XD My lip feels like its guna burst but i learned nine notes on the fingering chart 🙂 I know i’ll be able to learn this beauty! I HAVE FAITH! XD

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Dave Camwell brought this to my attention … that’s a lotta saxophones!

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…for Mozart lovers, this is a one-time “Idomeneo” drama to treasure.
Cleve conducted the orchestra, showing spirit and vitality that carried the opus forward, aided by a harpsichord and cello playing the continuo (recitative-accompaniment) parts. The two storm sequences were every bit as electric as Elettra’s mad scene itself, and the animated, augmented chorus provided extra heft to the show.

-D. Rane Danubian

(My Note: The instrument used is actually a fortepiano, not a harpsichord.)


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now would be a terrible time to decide to buy an oboe…

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