Should I give up on becoming a professional oboist?
I would love to become a professional oboe player. I know how challenging this can be and how competitive it is. I have just started college as a double major in Music Education and Music Performance, and I am wondering if Performance is even worth my time. I am a decent player, but I don’t know if I will ever reach the point where I could play professionally. I started playing oboe later than most other people too (I started my freshman year of high school and played clarinet and piano before that). I beat two sophomores this year, but they are not Performance majors. I am willing to work hard and do what I have to, but will that ever be enough? Is it worth the risk?

My answer might very well be, “If you are asking this question the answer is “Yes, give up!”.” But maybe I’m being harsh.

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Zampogna:M.Salvatore Ferlito
Corno:M.Giovanni Uccello
Oboe:M.Antonino Spicchiale
Chitarra:M.Fabio Barbagallo
Fisarmonica: Sebastiano Trovato
Percussioni:Benedetto Corso

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Happiest day…GOT A BRAND NEW OBOE!!!!

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How do you pronounce the musical instrument with a double reed OBOE??

I realised I knew more about shoes than classical music.

-Tori Amos

… but who doesn’t? 😉