20. September 2011 · Comments Off on Ah … Here I Am! · Categories: Ramble

I arrived on the UCSC campus this morning and for some reason I was unable to access certain sites, including the one that enables me to blog. But now it’s up and running … guess it was just a glitch. Now we’ll see if I can post a photo with this …

Yep, it’s all back. Whew. Life may continue on.

And now I sit. And sit. And sit. I am in my assigned room, waiting to meet and hear oboe students. I checked the sign up sheets to see how many had signed up for orchestra and came up with … wait for it … a great big … you ready? … ZERO.

Yep, no one signed up for orchestra. That’s just a bit scary. Or sad. Or both. Not only that — there is only one new student auditioning for wind ensemble. (Returning students don’t have to audition for that group, so I’m hoping that others are returning, but wind ensemble students rarely take private lessons.)

I’m supposed to be here until 3:00. It’s 12:55 now. I think I might go change the sign that says I’ll be here until 3:00. I think 2:30 should be plenty of time to meet no one. You know?

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