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just played my oboe and i do miss it

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From the YouTube page:
Listen for Life ( http://www.listenforlife.org ) presents: Indian village 4 — bamboo singing.
The “raut” are a societal group of cowherders, and their special style of singing is very old. It’s called “bans geet” or “bamboo singing,” because it is accompanied by musicians who use the “shehnai” or double-reed bamboo flute. In fact, the raut people just call the instrument the “bamboo.” And the singing itself is a prayer to ancestors for good fortune. This is another of the videos shot in the remote village of Matiya, India.

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This oboe will be the death of me.

I frequently ponder the length of my career. How long will I last? Will I hang it up before someone has to tell me “it’s time!”?

I’ve been playing professionally since 1975. 36 years isn’t anywhere near 69.

Meanwhile, there are those that have been playing professionally for over 60 years. WOW. Check out this blog entry by Norman Lebrecht. Here’s a few of the people and some years for you:

Violinist Francis Darger: Utah Symphony 1942 to 2011 – 69 years – current member
Bass: Jane Little, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra – 1945 to 2011- 66 years – current member
Principal Timpanist Richard Horowitz: Metropolitan Opera Orchestra 1946 to 2011 – 65 years – current member
Violinist Felix Resnick: Detroit Symphony Orchestra – 1943 until his death in April 2008 at age 89. 65 years

… to read about more of these people, read the whole blog entry!

And notice: no oboists on the list. I blame the reed woes.