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blowing on my oboe reed(is that how you spell it?) i heard that professional oboists’ intestine pops out cuz they blow hard on their oboe and this is not a joke its real

(For the record: My intestines have never popped out.)

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I was very musical at a young age. So much so that Churchill Cooke, our elementary school band and choir director, let me teach parts in the choir when I was in the fourth grade. First I played the xylophone, then marimba, cymbals, French horn, bassoon — I became a sort of jack-of-all-trades. It’s a mindset that I think never really left me. Mr. Cooke would say, “We need an oboe part for this piece, Neil. Learn oboe.” And I would say, “Sure, Mr. Cooke. Who needs friends?”

-Neil Patrick Harris

I read it here.

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I’m loving the opera Idomeneo. I have yet to grow weary of the music, and I doubt that I will. I’ve seen the sets and costumes and I know they are incredible. I think the singing is great. It’s longer than any Opera San José production I’ve ever played and yet it feels shorter than many.

Until I get home.

I arrive home at about midnight. I could whine, but I am guessing I live closer to the hall than any other pit pal aside from one, so I’m home before nearly everyone else. Thus whining is nixed. Right?

Okay … sort of … I guess I’m still whining a wee bit. What can I say? It’s my forté!

But oh how weary I am! From about 2000 until maybe 2004 or so I played shows up in San Francisco on occasion. 8 shows a week. Driving to San Francisco 6 days a week. During much of that time time two of our kids were still living at home and I was carting around to and from school and other things. I would get home even later than I’m getting home now, due to the hour commute. Now I can’t help but wonder … how did I do that?! I think I must have been insane.

Or maybe it’s just that I was younger.

I now have three more performances. Some things have gotten much easier for me, but the odd thing about playing that many performances is that, at least for me, some things get more difficult. I felt as if my performance last night was less than stellar. I’ve got to get my energy and focus back for these final three performances. The music is too incredible to do less than my absolute best.

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Maybe listen twice: once with your eyes shut to “see” (hah!) if you can hear the difference between the guitars and once with eyes open.

Fugue BWV 998

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oboe pissed me off. I paid 13 dollars for a reed n didn’t know it had to really soak so it cracked after 10 minutes.