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You should not think that classical music belongs only to the elite. You mustn’t think we are special people from a special world. Music is music. There is only good music and bad music.
-Riccardo Muti

Read here, in an article about Muti visiting incarcerated girls and bringing music to them.

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Samba time!

Samba de Berlim (Nigel Shore)
Nigel Shore (Oboe), Hans Limburg (Guitar)
Salão Transartes, Forum Brasil, Berlin, 21st May 2011

… not that we haven’t always been a difficult bunch!

Alain Lombard won’t conduct Faust at the Paris Opera this week

French conductor Alain Lombard will not conduct the production of Gounod’s Faust at the Opera of Paris, following some artistic issues with tenor Roberto Alagna.

Roberto Alagna in the Figaro Magazine

Following rumors of tensions between the leading singer Roberto Alagna and Alain Lombard, the tenor stated: “I do not understand the reaction of the press which is currently making a fuss without knowing anything about this matter, this is almost lies and slanders …” He added “I have never shown any disrespect to Alain Lombard. I have always highly thought of him and I have accepted all of his artistic options. ”

However, the singer also added that “there seems to be a gap between his conception of Faust and the implementation of this conception.”

It is said that Alain Lombard fainted several times during the rehearsals and that his agent advised him to retire from the production. He is replaced by Alain Altinoglu for the Premiere of Faust scheduled on Thursday this week.

Alain Lombard’s reply to Roberto Alagna

Alain Lombard reacted strongly to Roberto Alagna’s interview in the Figaro Magazine. The conductor issued a letter to the opera where he states that “some rehersals were disrupted by the behavior of Mr. Alagna.” Lombard gives various examples of Alagna’s misconduct, absences and delays, that are incidentally recorded in the logbook of the Opera. Alain Lombard denounced “the disgraceful conduct, his childishness, his whims, his non-professionalism and the obvious lack of respect shown towards his fellow singers, orchestra musicians, choirs and crew.”

There is no doubt that the dispute between the leading and the returning contuctor is to be continued !

Read here, complete with typos you might see.

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I remember my mother-in-law telling me she wanted to play trumpet when she was young, but she was told girls didn’t do that. Go figure.

For 131 years, the Boston Symphony Orchestra has never had a female member in its brass section. Until now.

Rachel Childers, who lives conveniently close to Symphony Hall, will be playing second French horn when the BSO season kicks off on Sept. 30.

She comes to the BSO from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra*, and said it’s an amazing honor to be the first ever woman in the brass section.

I read it here.

Probably good thing she’s left Colorado: I’m reading scary stuff about the group.

*Warning: click on the CSO link and you hear music whether you want to or not. I hate orchestra sites like that!

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No oboe … but I absolutely positutely love this!

Cello Project – Libertango Piazzolla

… and because I am now just enamored with this group, here’s another video of them, playing Nikolai Kapustin’s Burlesque, op 97 (The group is called CelloProject):

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And so while Opera San José has ended, Symphony Silicon Valley begins. Tomorrow is our first rehearsal for this weekend’s concerts. Included in the program is David Amram’s Triple Concerto and The Planets. So here’s a snippet of the Amram (the third movement with David Amram and the Chicago Symphony) and an album cover for The Planets. I don’t think I’ll be wearing what she’s wearing.

But hey … here’s Saturn and you can see and hear the bass oboe:

Does Ormandy look like he’s not thrilled with something at 2:48? Maybe I’m just imagining that look?

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Despite a rich musical heritage, India did not have its own professional symphony orchestra until five years ago when the Symphony Orchestra of India [SOI] was set up to broaden the appeal of Western classical music in the country.

Be it Bollywood music blaring from a Mumbai taxi, or the sultry sounds of the shehnai at a wedding, or the vibrato-laden vocals of a south Indian Carnatic singer – India has been a melting pot of music genres for centuries.

“It’s shocking that we never had an orchestra like this before,” says Khushroo Suntook, who founded the SOI in 2006.

Much of the time I run across articles where people are complaining about “classical music” dying and realize they are talking about the classical music of India, so I was interested to read this article on western classical music in India, which is, in a way, experiencing a birth there — or so it is hoped by some.

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FaceTiming my cousin & practicing my oboe so I’m gonna be slow too

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And so it ends. Idomeneo is over. At this point in my life I play an opera like this and wonder after if I’ll ever play that particular opera again in my career. It’s sort of doubtful, really, with many operas.

I loved Idomeneo. I never grew weary of it. I never got bored. The music is incredible, really. And the choruses were glorious! I did get annoyed with myself, though. There were a few things I did that just made me angry. I hated getting water in a key during one solo … and I had even cleaned it out right before. (Dust in the top octave, maybe?) I hated that one lick I had wasn’t perfect every single time. No excuses — I just didn’t nail a particular lick and I should have. I suspect I’ll be unable to listen to myself due to that, wouldn’t you know?

Tonight there was a nice party at our dear patron’s house. I actually went. This is rare for me, being the hermit type. I love to work with my colleagues, and I love to talk with people as I’m working, but when I’m done I tend to need to be alone. When I do go to parties I tend to later rehash everything I said and did and wonder how much of a fool I made of myself. (Really … how crazy AM I?!) Still, I was so thankful for the gift of this opera that I felt it important to at least go to the party for a brief time.

So now I move on … to bass oboe. To third oboe. To principal oboe. All this week. And I have to figure out some issues with one of my other jobs that has got me a wee bit perplexed. I like order and I like to know what’s in store for me. I don’t live well with perplexed. Go figure.

Oh … and there were at least two more reviews since I posted the review roundup: Art And Entertain Me and Operatic ruminations have things to say. Check ’em out.