Does anyone have a crappy old oboe reed I could bum off them for flunkies???

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I love the explanation of this song, so I’ve posted it below. Dan was away a few weeks ago. I had no hiccups. I guess I wasn’t missed.

HICHEKI – song of ancient Rajasthani folk music tradition, played on a music session in Harwa village, Western Rajasthan in April 2011. Talim Khan (Vocals, Khartal), Nazir Khan (Vocals, Harmonium), Gulser Khan (Dholak), Hakim Khan (Kamaicha – bowed instrument) perform the song from the womens’ tradition.
Hicheki means ‘hiccup’. A woman sings to her husband who is out of country: as i am having a hiccup, my husband certainly misses me…

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I named my oboe Shaniqua of the Moon People guys.