I just enjoyed this … betcha didn’t play on something that looked like this!

Eileen Huang has a meme, and asked me to join in the fun. So let’s see …

First instrument: Piano
Age at first music lesson: Eight (I think)
First piece performed in public: I don’t have a clue!
Piece most recently performed in public: Holst: The Planets
Band camp: Nope. Orchestra camp is a yes, though.
Marching band: Yes (bell lyre)
College a capella: No
Absolute pitch: No
Moveable do or fixed do: Hah! As if.
Faux pas: SO many of them! Once I wore a dress that I realized later was somewhat shear when stage lights were on. Oops.
Favorite conductor hair: Dudamel
I wish I could play: more Bach, on d’amore (but then I’d have to own one, eh?)

… so anyone else wanna join in?

Back in 2009 I joined the San Francisco Symphony Community for some unknown reason. Since then I haven’t really looked over there. Today someone “friended” me there (who knew you could do that?) and saw another message from someone who works for San Francisco Symphony. Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Patty – I noticed you listed English horn as one of your instruments. A new group for horn players has just formed on the San Francisco Symphony social network – hope you’ll check it out and join the conversation!

Hah! I DO hope she has learned in these past two years that English horn isn’t related to French horn.

Too darn funny.

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Daniel Pattison – Orion – Live Sessions 2011
with Derek Yau: Cello, Maria Lee-Warren: Oboe, Backing vocals

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Getting my oboe checked out tomorrow. ): Everyone needs to stop making fun of me and my instrument!!! ))):

Just because …

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I get to play English Horn in Wind Symphony. That makes me INCREDIBLY excited 😀

[Posted earlier but now placed at the top of blog entries because a “dimpled” photo has been added!]

This was in a paper on September 29, so perhaps it’s even been located by now … but I never thought about an aerodynamic oboe … mostly because I rarely think!

He said: “There are only three other oboes like it in the world. It may sound strange but my instrument is customised to the way I play, so while I will play, I’ll have to borrow one and have only a week to adjust to it.”

The oboe, constructed by specialist craftsman Yanko Petrov, who runs Sound Alchemy in Thornton Heath, has a distinctive specially-designed bell.

It was in a light brown wooden box with a silver reed box engraved with the name “Dom” inside.

Mr Kelly, 37, said: “The bell is very distinctive. The inside is dimpled like a golf ball to make it more aerodynamic and improve the air flow.”


And now I can ‘fess up: I really did enjoy playing the bass oboe! Honestly, it was fun, even while it was somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. If I were to do it more frequently I think I’d want to do something other than sit on two seat cushions to be high enough for the beast.

But here is a bit of an insight into my sad little mind. What do you think I said to Dan after? Do you think I’d say something like “I nailed it!”? Or even, “I played well!”? Um … well … okay … here’s what I said …

“I didn’t embarrass myself!”

Yep. That’s my little brain at work. Ah well. Dan wasn’t surprised. He knows me too well!

Of course what I had was so small it wasn’t worth talking about, but I take even the smalles of solos seriously. I’d bet many in the audience weren’t even aware of the little bits I had, but I get nervous no matter what. Go figure!

We already have our first review (Mercury News).

Oh … I will also now ‘fess up about the Holst:

I’ve never been a fan. It’s just not my cuppa. Or so I thought. But I truly enjoyed it this past week. I’m glad I was able to play, and that I opted for the bass oboe part. I’ll probably go through withdrawal now. But not for long. Now it’s on to San Jose Dance Company and San Jose Chamber Orchestra doing Tango Barroco!

Oh, and I learned something new about Holst. He turned the Jupiter part of The Planets into a hymn. News to me. British composers seem to love to write hymns, whether or not they are believers. Does that happen here, too? Or are there even any good hymn writers in the states? Do tell! (Most of what I hear that’s new are goofy little “worship songs” that drive me bonkers.)