Enjoy! (And thanks to Bob Hubbard for this one!)

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Astor Piazzolla: Chau Paris
Quintetto Veneto

Sometimes I worry that I’ve not heard of a composer before. This is one of those times. I mean … how was I not familiar with this particular wonderful work before? Yikes!

But this is Thomas Linley‘s “O bid your faithful Ariel fly”.

Julia Gooding, soprano
Paul Goodwin, oboe
Paul Nicholson/Peter Holman
The Parley of Instruments

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My kitten really doesn’t like it when I play my instruments instead of with her. Especially my oboe, she really doesn’t like that one.

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i really like the oboe, wish i’d learned it. i learned saxophone and clarinet. i also like bassoon and baritone sax a lot! 😀