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I’m an oboist (person who plays the oboe, a double-reed woodwind instrument) who has been playing since I was 9.

… I just thought it was cute that he explained what an oboist was. We need to do that sometimes.

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What a beautiful day!!! This would be a great day to play golf. But I’ve traded my golf days in for running kids to oboe lessons, cheer practice and dance lessons. Also whatever else they are to have me do. Not to mention what ever lovely wife requires of me. Wow what happened?

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A Russian hornpipe

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… NYC, that is … this just in from my brother:


Please join us at the upcoming Willow Ensemble Concerts on November 11 & 12, 8PM at the Grace Church Chantry.

The program features works by Poulenc (Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, & Piano); Haydn (“Sunrise” Quartet); and Shostakovich (Piano Quintet).

Same price as usual: $20 at the door and $15 in advance.

To reserve seats at the advance price, you can

1) reply to this email* with your name, number of tickets needed, and concert date, or

2) leave a message (specifying name, number of tix and concert date) on the cell phone of our oboe player, at [removed]*



Timothy Emerson, Artistic Director, Willow Ensemble

I didn’t want to post an email address or phone number on the blog without first getting permission, and I’m currently racing out the door for my morning walk, so please just contact me if you want the info, okay?

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My tone on the oboe got so squeaky. WHYY ):