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Suite Habana by Eduardo Martín
Carlos Serrano, guitar; Daniel Rodríguez, oboe

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[J.C.] Bach wrote it for oboe and strings in 1765. It’s in his middle period, not as classical as earlier works and not as personalized as later ones.

I’m feeling a bit stupid … J.C. Bach’s earlier music was classical and his middle period is not so classical and then there’s the personalized later period? I can barely remember my music history, but this just seems off to me. I’m going to guess, though, that maybe someone out there can help me understand. Please?

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2 classes down 2 to go! My music class is so easy it almost belittles my intelligence, seriously I know what an Oboe is but the question is does my professor know???

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The Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias plays works conceived, composed and orchestrated by 9 year-old Asturian composers (plus one from NYC). This concert was given in Mieres, Asturias, SPAIN May 27, 2011, with Daniel Sanchez, guest conductor.

I’d love to know more about the young composers. Are they taking lessons? Did they write out all of the parts? How much help did they receive? So far I’ve not found more about this anywhere, but it’s interesting to hear. No, the music isn’t going to necessarily last … but what were you doing when you were nine years old?

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I really do!

Rite of Spring isn’t a work I’m all that fond of playing. It’s not that it’s a rhythmic challenge: these days those rhythms aren’t all that difficult. But I have never been comfortable on the solo English horn part. I do love me some Petrushka, though! I especially enjoyed Saturday night’s concert, since I managed to keep my keys from getting water in them. Sunday wasn’t quite so fun — I got water in a key early on and that threw me out of my comfort zone and there were just a few things that I wasn’t entirely happy with (with my playing, not with anyone else’s … it IS all about me … um … right?). But even Sunday was enjoyable. I feel as if I have my English horn “sea legs” right now. Fun times.

I DO wish I had seen this video (below) before I went into rehearsals. Not that I understand a word of what Dochnanyi is saying (well, okay, maybe I understand a word here and there!), but because it’s great to sit in on a rehearsal like that!

Oh … and a review is in. She liked it. (And kudos to some of my pals for the well-deserved mentions!)

Added Note:
I neglected to include in this post how much I enjoyed working again with Giampaolo Bisanti. Oops! I surely should have included that. I think he has excellent things to say, and I find working with him a joy. This is the second time he has worked with the symphony and I do hope he returns.

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Oboe! I was best in the school! …. Also the only one in the school.

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October 30, 2011

There is something very psychological about mass-distributed music consumption. If I buy an LP and listen to it, I think how wonderful the music is, partly because I have paid for it. If I listen to something on spotify, I think how cheap and disposable it is. This is purely psychological I think: the medium makes us de-value the musical composition.

-Jack Curtis Dubowsky

I read this on Facebook and I think he really has a good point. It’s just something to ponder for now ….

(FYI, Jack’s website is here.)