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Read online just now:

It took a while to pluck up the courage to listen to a CD devoted to music for solo cor anglais – the alto version of the oboe.

Okay … it really just takes courage to deal with the reeds. Playing it isn’t so frightening. 🙂

I can maybe understand what the writer is (perhaps) suggesting: listening to one instrument for a full CD can sometimes get a bit boring. It’s not really courage one might need, but stamina. I remember when someone I know was at Banff for a summer and she told me their was some oboe convention or some such thing (maybe it was the IDRS? Has it been in Banff?). She said after a while she really craved hearing something different! Ah well … I guess it was just too much of a good (great?!) thing.

Check out the photo of bassoon reeds in this blog post. Amazing!

But don’t they look pretty? They just looks so artistic lined up in rows like that. Which makes me wonder if maybe I should go into “oboe reed art” rather than oboe playing.


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… because I enjoyed it, so maybe you will too!

Handel: Concerto Grosso “Alexander’s Feast”: Andante non presto

Seattle Baroque Orchestra

Ingrid Matthews, Music Director
Byron Schenkman, Artistic Director

Cecilia Archuleta, Tekla Cunningham, James Garlick, Olga Gussow Hauptman, Courtney Kuroda
Adam LaMotte, Laurel Wells
Meg Brennand, Nathan Whittaker
Curtis Daily
Sand Dalton, Curtis Foster
Kelsey Andrew Schilling
John Lenti

Early Music Guild

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Practiced oboe for another hour. :> Worked only on expression. Its getting there.

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… and I’m sorry for that.

I try to remember my rule, but the other day I simply neglected it. Or forgot it. Or something. I was called on it. As I later wrote to a friend: “Whenever I do something like that my first reaction is defensive. Then a big of anger. Then it’s total guilt. Now I’m at the “maybe I shouldn’t blog” stage. Eventually I get to the, “Okay, lesson sort of learned. DON’T do that again!””

So anyway, without telling you what I wrote or why I felt so awful (and still do, to be honest … that sort of crummy stomach in knots thing is still here), I can tell you my rule. When I write I try to keep this in mind. I MUST obey the first statement and then what I write must also fit at least one of the following two statements:

Is it TRUE?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

(In all honesty, I thought I made this “rule” up myself, and later found out someone else — I believe it was someone famous but I’m not sure who it was!— has been quoted online saying this. I’ll have to find that so I can attribute this to him or her. Or maybe one of you will fill me in …?)

So this is just a reminder to myself, and an admission to my few readers, that I do try to abide by this rule. Of course I rarely find that what I write here is necessary, as it’s all a bit of a pattyramble™ … but I do prefer to be kind and never hurt or offend.

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So apparently I look like some kid named Oboe in my school. 1. What parent would ever name them oboe and 2. Why does he have to look like me

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Ain’t Nature Grand