Dan and I are home from a very wonderful night at the opera. We heard and saw Handel’s Xerxes at San Francisco Opera. Wow! Voices were incredible. Orchestra sounded fabulous. I was a happy camper.

I wasn’t such a happy camper about the traffic. PG&E is currently on my bad list. Due to a pipe rupture or whatever it was the drive took us an hour longer than usual. 280 was a MESS. I left home at 5:20. We arrived at the parking garage at nearly 7:30. Guess what? The opera began at 7:30!

But we didn’t even know that on the drive up (maybe that’s a good thing; my stomach would have been in knots!).

Foolish, foolish me. I assumed an 8:00 show, since all the rest are at that time. But nope. 7:30. Fortunately we went straight there (thinking to catch a bite to eat at the hall since we arrived too late to go out) and ran to the elevator because I looked at the tickets as we were walking over and I saw the 7:30 time. (And I even checked the date earlier and didn’t notice the time.) The usher took us in to some seats in the back of the dress circle which was fine by me; the orchestra had already started and I was just very grateful to get in the hall at all, as I thought we’d have to wait until the second act to go in.

If any of you have a chance to get to this I highly recommend it. I believe it’s my fave of the year so far!

But what a long day I had. It started with driving to Stanford at 7:30 AM. Drove from Stanford to UCSC to demonstrate the oboe and English horn to an orchestration class. Drove home to have my first meal of the day after 2:00 PM. Taught two students. Then it was SF Opera time. Whew!

Now I’m off to bed — I have Opera San José (first of our two final dress rehearsals) tomorrow during the day, and then Dan is in a photography show which has its reception tomorrow evening!

Oh. Wait. it’s already tomorrow! Must. Get. Sleep.


  1. patti with an i

    I got stuck behind Sunday’s little adventure with the same pipe. Fortunately, we were on our way back from the gig so it didn’t matter…

  2. It was just AWFUL, wasn’t it? Sure made for one rotten commute (and a slightly uptight stomach on my part). Ah well … such is life in the bay area (and I still say it’s better here than in SoCal).