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I just received this from a reader … hope some of you can attend!

The Sunday concert will be free and for the students the ticket prices are $5 on Saturday. Also, on Sunday they will do “Instrument Petting Zoo” during the intermission, where musicians will take their instruments and talk about them to the audience members.

(And Daniel, have a wonderful concert!)

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Josef Myslivecek (1737-1781) is not a name I recognized when I ran into this video. What a surprise to read about him. I’ve read several books about Mozart, but somehow this name didn’t catch my attention, or wasn’t even mentioned. I’ll have to go back and look at them again and see.

Here’s a part of his opera Antigona:

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[name here] had a spiritual experience on oboe. unfortunately, it was somebody else’s oboe. the good news – i’m not as bad as i thought i was. the bad news – my oboe’s worse than i thought it was.

Stafford Hartman plans to sing her behind-the-scenes role in an opera tonight at the Orpheum from a wheelchair.

Hartman, 24, was shot in her right knee and a bullet grazed her left ear as she was robbed outside her home on Wednesday after rehearsal for the opera “Tosca.”

“He said give me all of your stuff,” Hartman said Friday.

“I just said no; I don’t know why,” said Hartman, who is bedridden now and will need crutches for about six weeks.



I think maybe I would have said, “sure, take the darn stuff.”

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After 25 min of #oboe, my cheeks are ready to go on strike.