Stafford Hartman plans to sing her behind-the-scenes role in an opera tonight at the Orpheum from a wheelchair.

Hartman, 24, was shot in her right knee and a bullet grazed her left ear as she was robbed outside her home on Wednesday after rehearsal for the opera “Tosca.”

“He said give me all of your stuff,” Hartman said Friday.

“I just said no; I don’t know why,” said Hartman, who is bedridden now and will need crutches for about six weeks.



I think maybe I would have said, “sure, take the darn stuff.”


  1. I dunno, seems like she’s more defined by her stupidity. Seems to me if someone’s gonna mug you, best to just give them your pocket cash and call yourself lucky.

  2. I have a feeling that in the moment we do unexpected things. Fear might cause some to say “take it!” while others may respond otherwise. I’m not willing to call anyone stupid for their immediate reaction in a dangerous situation.