But STILL … did I have to get a cold now? Just before Thanksgiving, and right when I have opera overlapping with UCSC concerts?

Ah well. I have one, and I have to deal.

Playing oboe with a cold is not terribly fun.

Playing oboe when it’s cold is also not terribly fun. The reed I planned on using for Pagliacci, and which DID manage to allow me to play my one troubling little lick toward the very start of the work (whew!) suddenly stopped working. Just. Stopped. (Sorry, dk, to leave you all alone in that little ditty!) I quickly switched reeds, and later looked at the one I had favored. I think it’s cracked. That happens sometimes when we have this crazy cold weather. Ah well … one must always have more than one reed. Right?

Guess I’ll sit around tomorrow working on reeds as I cope with this rotten cold. Time for my Throat Coat tea, too. I WILL get over this. Quickly.

Because I say so.

And I’m the mom.


  1. Oh, do you play that part too? 😉
    No problem, not like I haven’t left you hanging a time or two in the past! You were just getting even, I know…

  2. It was SUCH a drag, though; I thought that reed was going to be THE reed for a while. Sigh. Guess not. 🙁

    (And I don’t remember a single time when you’ve left me on my own! I don’t believe it’s ever happened!)