30. November 2011 · Comments Off on If Only … · Categories: Symphony

You know how you have “if only I had …” things?


Well, I sure do!

My “if only” for today is: If only I had learned to double tongue when my brain was able to learn things like that.

Okay, maybe I can still learn, but so far it’s not clicking in, and I have to warn those of you who, like me, were blessed with a fast tongue that, along with all the other ways in which our bodies slow down as we age, our tongues slow down too!. Pardon me for yelling there, but I’m one frustrated oboist at the moment. And dear Zoltán Kodály was sure a mean old guy to give us those crazy fast passages. Really now.

Listen to 2:07 in to this (below) … the oboes are supposed to tongue that. I’m so thankful that at least one flute is playing there as well. Whew! AND it’s only 2 seconds of fear. Still, I want to play the darn thing. So the metronome and I are incredibly well acquainted, as you might imagine!

For something different, get a load of this group … playing by memory, no less. (But no oboes!)

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