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This evening Nancy and I went to one of our favorite local French restaurants. Gradually I became aware of the wallpaper music: “Quia respexit” from the Bach “Magnificat”. This performance, passably sung, was “accompanied” by a rhythm section(!), plush, sustained string chords, and a wordless choir humming (or something) very discretely…nary an oboe d’amore was heard. My birthday had suddenly taken a most depressing turn despite an excellent martini. Alas, the Kantor of Leipzig must be spinning in his grave.

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Christmas Oratorio
Sir John Eliot Gardiner; Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists

Part One

I. Coro ‘Jauchzet, frohlocket’

II. Evangelista ‘Es begab sich aber zu der Zeit’
III. Recitativo ‘Nun wird mein liebster Brautigam’
IV. Aria ‘Bereite dich, Zion’

V. Choral ‘Wie soll ich dich empfangen’
VI. Evangelista ‘Und sie gebar ihren ersten Sohn’
VII. Choral ‘Er ist auf Erden kommen arm’ – Recitativo ‘Wer will die Liebe recht erhohn’
VIII. Aria ‘Grosser Herr’
IX. Choral ‘Ach mein herzliebstes Jesulein

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New York City Opera has declared an impasse in contract negotiations with unions for its musicians and singers and is threatening to present its abbreviated season without them.

Well gee, what opera company needs “musicians and singers” (their words, not mine!) for opera anyway.

And don’t you love how “singers” are separate from “musicians”?

I read it here.

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So Mr. Rumbell lets flutes, clarinets, and altos play percussion, but he won’t let me switch to oboe? #awesome

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Of The Father’s Love Begotten arr. Peter Togni
de Angeles Vocal Ensemble; Matthew Gray, Conductor

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