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Okay, everyone! Thanks to Mrs. G, my oboe was neither damaged or broken. I just didn’t put it together correctly! Pft!

But some videos just cause me to tear up. This one did. Is it the music? Is it the children? I dunno. And some of you, I’m sure, will just scratch your head and wonder why I’m this way, eh?

… and no, I didn’t tear up because of the apostrophe errors, either … and the teacher acknowledges the mistake in the info section of the YouTube page:

Hallelujah Chorus -Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat 5th Grade – Quinhagak, Alaska

Wow!! Thank you for all for the wonderful comments. The village of Quinhagak is glowing because of them. The amount of views is mind blowing!! Considering this video was intended for an audience of about 200. As many of you have thought, the kids worked very hard on this project. They put in 10 hours of work shooting all the scenes (on a weekend nonetheless!!) I am very proud of them!

Thank you also for pointing out the apostrophes! I now have a very teachable moment once we start school again. One they will never forget!! I’m just glad I spelled “Hallelujah” correct.

Thank you on behalf of Quinhagak, Alaska!! Merry Christmas!!

I also won’t bother commenting on the excess use of exclamation points, nor will I point out it should have been “correctly” (I think!).

Aren’t you glad I’m not going to do those things?

Yep. I thought so. 😉

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(Should I include a “Nerd Alert” here?)

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MOM. I got out of oboe 30 minutes early for a REASON. NOT to sit here for 3 years. Wish I had my license…..

(Oh we moms can be so much trouble!)

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Adam Lay Ybounded
Canto Deo

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