My friends, Jillian (oboe) and Dave Camwell (sax), are playing together on this video. I am trying not to be a hater even though they sound great AND look great! 😉

Reconstructed Concerto for Violin and Oboe (BWV 1060R) – Allegro (M1) by Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Dave Camwell

Oboe: Jillian Camwell
Sax: Dave Camwell
Piano: Ron Albrecht
Cello: Mary Pshonik

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it’s so sweet!

Cherry Tree Carol
Joseph Carrillo, instruments

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A bit ‘o Vivaldi (don’t know if the other movements will be posted — if they are actually there I’ve not found them, in any case).

Vivaldi concerto per 2 oboi archi e basso continuo III movimento Allegro

Settimane Barocche di Brescia 2008.
Rodengo Saiano
Auditorium San Salvatore
” Musica Serenissima ”
Orchestra barocca Zefiro
Alfredo Bernardini oboe e direzione.

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Officially starting to learn oboe next week, so excited!! (:

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How long am I looking at to stop sounding like a tattoo gun being waved around, and start sounding like a musical instrument? Any tips how to make a vaguely respectable sound?

(Yes, the person is talking about oboe!)

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… but hey, no oboe reeds need to be made. So there’s that!

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I honestly used to think Huey Lewis was singing, in The Heart of Rock & Roll: “Now the oboe may be barely breathing.” Ha! Take that, oboes!