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This piece kills me. Go away, stupid oboist. With your stupid ridiculously gorgeous melody/counter-melody-thing. Yes, this isn’t even actually an oboe solo (he/she has a flute doubling the part), and the bassoon deserves equal props for laying down some ridiculously beautiful whole notes. There is also like a 5% chance that this is an English horn, since sometimes the two can sound so similar that I get disoriented. Or maybe I’m disoriented by all the prettiness…

This was in reference to this music:

So gee, what do you think …?

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Just something about this movement that really does make me smile. (The whole work is just a whole lot of fun!)

Beethoven Trio, third movement
Pelle Gravers Nielsen, 1st Oboe; Sven Buller, 2nd Oboe; Rixon Thomas, English Horn

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1st Chair Oboe!!! I’m going all the way this year

If only reed making took just think long, eh? (But doesn’t he have a lovely sound?)

… and hey, that’s how I open my tips! (But not until I’ve thinned the tip a bit. I’ve seen other oboists cringe when they see me doing that.)

Here is a portion of a Master Class by Leloux:

These videos are to promote playwithapro.com. I need to investigate the site a bit. It appears you can purchase masterclasses, but I’m not seeing the price there. (I’m probably just missing it somehow.) I’d certainly be interested in watching them if the price isn’t too prohibitive.

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The high school principal has a Phd in the Oboe, and insists on being called “Doctor”. I’ll call her doctor when she can save my life.