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(Moving this to the top of the blog, in case someone missed it.)

Please keet your eyes open for this oboe:

I’m writing this comment to try to get the word out that my 1968 Cabart was stolen from my home on Christmas. I don’t want the criminal(s) to profit from the crime, so I’d like to just make sure anyone that might be trying to buy an Oboe doesn’t purchase one that is stolen. The serial number is 9J-30, and it has a small crack in the upper piece under the keys near the joint to the lower piece. Thank you for your help! -Myra in San Antonio, TX

If you have any information on this email Myra at mpila [at] att [dot] net … thanks!

Myra … SO sorry this happened to you.

Attending Harvard instead of a conservatory was the single best thing that ever happened to me. I started meeting people who were at least as passionate about their fields as I may have been about mine. It opened up new worlds,” he continued. “It made me get out of myself and think about music as it related to the world, in a very different way than if I had just concentrated on my scales and exercises. It made me much less neurotic. Performances were no longer the only thing in the world. My whole life didn’t depend on the success or failure of a performance, and I could see that there were other things that I could be if I were not a musician.

-Yo Yo Ma

I continue to encourage anyone who will listen to go first to a university and only later to a conservatory. Get a well rounded education. Understand that there are so many incredible things to learn. It’s not all about sitting in a reed room or at the piano for 6 hours a day!

The quote is from an article by Tim Page about those talented kids (mostly about Jackie Evancho) and is worth a look-see.

I’m gonna guess he’s going to get a lot of harsh words. I once tweeted something (without even mentioning her name) just a bit curious about her talent and boy did I get harsh tweets back. People love their Evancho and there is no telling them anything negative. They will bash you.

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spent the whole day repairing part of ONE oboe. Seems that a kid got a reed stuck in the top joint, so dad took it upon himself to dig it out with a screwdriver through the tone holes. He persisted and accomplished gouging and tearing out every main finger tone hole in the top joint(5) saying nothing of the bore damage. I had to drill out and construct replacement crowns for each one and they all had differing chimney diameters. You would think the dad would have stopped on destruction of the first hole encountered.

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Christmas Oratorio
Sir John Eliot Gardiner; Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists

Part V ‘For the First Sunday in the New Year’
(Just a few days early for this part of the Christmas Oratorio.)

I. Coro ‘Ehre sel dir, Gott, gesungen’

II. Evangelista ‘Da Jesus geboren war zu Bethlehem’
III. Coro ‘Wo, wo, wo’ – Recitativo ‘Sucht ihn in meiner Brust’
IV. Choral ‘Dein Glaz all Finsternis verzehrt’
V. Aria ‘Erleucht auch meine finstre Sinnen’

VI. Evangelista ‘Da das der Konig Herodes horte’
VII. Recitativo ‘Warum wollt ihr erschrecken?’
VIII. Evangelista ‘Und liess versammlen alle Hohepriester’
IX. Terzetto ‘Ach, wann wird die Seit erscheinen’
X. Recitativo ‘Mein Liebster herrschet schon’
XI. Choral ‘Zwar ist solche Herzensstube’

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The middle school band concert wasn’t too bad. if they’d muted theoboe, it would have been perfect. Oboes are really loud duck horns.