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Okay, I confess I’m a gadget girl. I think I can blame Dan … don’t you agree that would be an okay thing to do?

In any case, I just discovered the Korg WR-01 WI-Tune Advanced Wireless Chromatic Tuner.

It’s wireless. How cool is that?

When we tune an orchestra most of connect our tuner to a pick up and attach that to the bell of our oboe. Not having that wire seems so darn cool to me.

Of course the best thing to discover would be the everlasting reed, but so far no one has bothered with that. I really don’t understand why it’s being ignored.

It’s a mystery.

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As of today i am now an OBOE player!:)

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Rajaton: Me Kuljemme Kaikki Kuin Sumusa (We Walk in a Fog)

It bears repeating: at the Met, the most expensive opera tickets are indeed expensive, but you can stand behind the orchestra section—or even sit at the upper reaches of the house—for less than the cost of an IMAX showing at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 multiplex up the road. This persistent fiction of “elitism,” and contemporary classical music’s supposed inaccessibility, is one of the strongest propagandistic tools ever devised by the titans of corporate pop culture. They would prefer you not ever cost-compare a Family Circle seat to Satyagraha alongisde a 3D screening of Transformers 3.

-Seth Colter Walls

You can read that — and more — here.

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… sometimes I just have to smile.

Oboe Questions?????????????????????…
How do you make a sound?Reeds? good brands?How to clean? Can you double flute and oboe after playing flute for 1 year? emborchure? How long does it take to become a intermediate and advanced player( in general ) How many years is good experience is it good for a 7 th grade boy? what to practice?Are Oboe lessons expensive? how to produce good tone ?

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Playing the oboe always makes ur neck look thicker than what it actually is.

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Its very depressing I actually wanted to go to school today to play oboe :((((

(It’s very depressing, but I actually wanted the twitterer to use an apostrophe.) 😉