The students were divided into two groups “that were equal on academic performance.” Each group viewed a different version of an hour-long videotaped lecture on “Expertise in Athletics,” in which the talk was accompanied by synchronized slides.
For one group, the lecture was accompanied by a series of familiar classical pieces, including excerpts from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Bach’s Third Brandenburg Concerto. The other group heard the lecture with no background music.

I’m afraid it wouldn’t have been “background music” to me … I would have started listening only to the music and stopped listening to the lecture.

I know some will get all excited about this article, but it just bugs me.

But then I’m easily bugged.

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Yikes … some singer (a tenor I’ve never heard of but according to his site is quite famous) has been tweeting some rather horrible things. To protect those he is dissing I’ll remove names (including his). Why would someone do this, though? It’s a billboard to the world.

First tweet:
I love [famous opera company] and [famous opera company] but can categorically confirm that they do mic some artists using acoustic enhancing boundary mics.

Second tweet:
[famous opera company] has a full time sound dept comprising of 4 sound technicians.
3 Jan

Third tweet:
I was in turco in Italia with [famous soprano as above] and she was amplified.
3 Jan

Fourth tweet:
Artists I know have been mic’d are [same famous soprano as above] and the dreadful [famous tenor].
3 Jan

Fifth tweet:
I think [popera star’s name] is a bit if a [word I can’t put on my blog], but his allegations of opera houses using mics are true.
3 Jan

Now, I’m not at all surprised by mics. I’ve heard it before from people in the know. I’m not bugged by it, either. (You can start throwing darts at me now, if you’d like.) But for a tenor who is in the business to say all of this on Twitter is rather astounding to me. Maybe I’m clueless, but I would think this could cause a loss of work, and I sure wonder why someone in the biz would publicly bash big name singers and opera companies.

Then again, another twitterer said “On the other hand, one doesn’t have to love all the singers or musicians and one should have the possibility to say that. IMHO” … so perhaps she thought his harshness was just fine.


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… and I’m too old in any case. Oh well. 😉

American Idol, The Sing-Off, The Voice — there’s no shortage of over-the-top, glitzy, ratings-driven music competitions on TV. And now Aretha Franklin is getting in on the singing contest circuit, but she’s turning her searchlight on the world of classical music. That’s right — the Queen of Soul is searching for the next great opera singer.

“Some of the older classical singers like Jessye Norman, Leontyne [Price] and Barbara Hendricks are retiring, they’re not singing anymore, and I’d like to see some younger singers come along and take their place,” Franklin says. (Actually, Price retired from the opera stage in 1985.)

If she likes what she hears, Franklin will sign one, two or maybe even three performers to her label, Aretha’s Records, and help them get established in the world of classical music.

The competition itself is decidedly low-tech. Franklin is asking interested 18- to 40-year-olds to send their demos — via CDs or cassettes — to her directly. There’s no studio audience and no toll-free number for you to call or text your vote. Just your demo, an 8-by-10 head shot and a resume. And no original songs allowed.

If you’re interested, the address is:

Aretha’s Records
c/o Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett
30150 Telegraph Road
Bingham Farms, MI 48012


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spizarro Sal Pizarro
Congrats to Symphony Silicon Valley President Andrew Bales, recipient of the SJ Rotary Club’s Don Goldeen Award for impacting downtown.

… I’m looking for more information. Stay tuned. (And if any readers have more information do let us know!)

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Some readers know I have another blog called the pattyo. It’s mostly something that my family reads (if they even manage to get to it!). These days it is primarily my “day of gratitude” blog. Each day I post a photo of something that makes me grateful. Sometimes it’s a person or a place or a thing that I have a direct connection with … sometimes it’s just something beautiful I found and snapped a shot of.

Today a Facebook friend put up a video and it immediately went up on my other blog, but I think you all might enjoy it as well. It speaks about gratitude so much better than I ever could!

May I be grateful for every day I am given. No, I take that back! May I be grateful for every minute of every day.

“Open your eyes. Look at that.”

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I should have been a French horn player. After listening to the 25th Anniversary Zelda cd I regret my oboe decision.

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This Chinese instrument is a free reed. According to this the reed is metal.

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When I become a singer, I will be sure to have oboe in my songs

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It better not be humid or be raining when I have my next Oboe Exam…