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“What is 3/3?” in response to this: “It’s the time signature of the Chopin piece heard here; listen to the left hand.” (It was clearly a waltz.)

Update: … thanks, Janet, for the clip. You all can see an hear it now! click here


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so, at work today, an older gentleman told me i had the mouth of an oboe player. I told him i tried to play in high school, and he said ‘i know, i can tell’, took his food and walked away…it was strange.

… brand new Rosewood Oboe, bright red with polished silver keys. A rather showy instrument. This has been checked and adjusted here, worked over by [name removed] and played for about 20 hours. It has all the standard keys you might expect on a premium oboe, EXCEPT for a split D key. The left hand F, low B Flat, Forked F resonance, Philadelphia key, and Third octave key make it an advanced quality oboe. These features are not usually available on oboes lower than $4000. The oboe has a semi-automatic octave system. For purpose of showing it off this instrument comes with matching earrings by [name removed]. It stands out among those black woodwinds. The tone is great, appearance a real looker, fine double case and all the usual trill keys we seldom use.

Yes. Really. Matching earrings! This just cracked me up, so I thought maybe some of you would get a kick out of it too.

As to the oboe itself … I’d be quite hesitant. I think it’s one of those “looks like a good oboe but probably isn’t” kind of things.

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And finishing up with the Christmas Oratorio …
Sir John Eliot Gardiner; Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists

Part VI ‘For the Feast of Epiphany’

I. Coro ‘Herr wenn die stolzen Feinde schnauben’

II. Evangelista ‘Da berief Herodes die Weisen’ – Herodes ‘Ziehet hin’
III. Recitativo ‘Du Falscher’
IV. Aria ‘Nur ein Wink von seinen Handen’

VII. Evangelista ‘Und Gott befahl ihnen im Traum’
VIII. Recitativo ‘So geht!”
IX. Aria ‘Nun mogt ihr stolzen Feinde schrecken’
X. Recitativo ‘Was will der Hollen Schrecken nun’
XI. Choral ‘Nun seid ihr wohl gerochen’

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Alright oboe listen… You played like a dream last night. So what’s up with the problems today? #IloveyoubutImayhavetoleaveyou