Yep, changed the blog — hope you like the new look. If you don’t, I do apologize! It’s just time for something new, and I liked this template. If you visit my other blog, the pattyo, you’ll see that the two blogs have a similar look. I like the two to have some sort of connection. I’m silly that way.

I still have work to do to get everything up and running, and I also have to decide if I’m going to keep all the links to other blogs up (do any of you check those out?), but at least I’ve got it going now. I knew if I didn’t do it before I get back to symphony this week I’d probably not do it for a long time.

I’m also not going to be posting certain things every week as I have been. I know, I know, I’ve written that before. This time, though, I have no choice! I can’t find YouTube videos to fit certain categories (the OutsideMyWorld™ and WorldReeds™ are especially difficult). From here on out things will be posted if I find something to fit, but it’s sure not going to be every week. It’s time to let that obsession go.

FBQDs and TQODs can easily continue, though; people never cease to write things that I find humorous, annoying, or touching about the oboe! Go figure.


  1. I like the fresh look! And I approve of abandoning a rigid content format for one that reflects the real world. But neither surprises me; you are not a by-the-numbers personality…

    Is the header photo SCSU? Is it your shot?

  2. Thanks, Bob!

    The header is a photo I took (yep, my shot!) several years ago when Dan and I were visiting the Getty down in SoCal.

  3. I noticed the main body does not indicate whether comments have been posted. I’m not gonna check every entry looking for comments, but did enjoy checking out other peoples’ comments when I had nothing to add myself.

    Or am I overlooking a flag hidden somewhere?

  4. Look right underneath the title of the post, Bob. The comment count should be there! 🙂